Our Soap

Olivera has maintained the same traditional soap cooking process used by the family two generations back. We use the hot soap cooking process to produce soap paste by mixing oil & caustic soda lye in the cooking tank.

Soap paste after saponification is completed is kept into the cooking tank to settle for few hours then laid on a leveled floor to harden and cut into soap cubes of desired size. Soap Cubes are then erected into circular column for natural air drying.

The core of our sponification process still unchanged but we have added in our facilities several mechanized systems to reduce the labor work and several finishing equipments are added to provide nicely finished products but without giving up on the traditional core process.Facilities included two cooking tanks of 1.5 and 5 tons soap capacity.Oil is cooked inside the tank with sodium hydroxide, after saponification process is completed we extract the soap paste and lay it on levelled area for drying.Upon layed soap dried hard enough we cut it into the desired cube size. Soap cubes moved to a well ventilated space,built up into circular columns spaced away for air circulation. After drying time for almost 16 weeks soap will be stored into burlep bags until needed time for finishing and final packing.

Dried soap will be packing as is or after blading all sides to a nice finished surfaces. Another line is added in our plant to improve the finishing of the product, we grind dried soap cubes then by means of extruder and pressing machines we can reproduce it in a nicely finish desised shapes,color and added fragrance.

Our Oil

Our plantation consists of several lots in several towns of El-koura area with some of them aged from the othmanian occupation era of lebanon. We do maitain the same traditional ways of looking after our plantations.

Olive oil is produced into our cold mill which we still favor for the taste.Virgin oil of good quality is retained for final packing as needed, lower quality oil is sold for refining or used into our soap production.

Our detergents

Detergents found can be grouped into four general categories: personal cleaning, laundry, dishwashing and household cleaning.

Detergents are available as liquids, gels, powders and solids. Liquids work best on oily soils and for pretreating soils and stains. Powders are especially effective in lifting out clay and ground-in dirt.