History of Olivera

Olivera llc was established in 2005 by sons of Gergis Nagib Jreije to carry over their late father establishment who was a pioneer in olive oil industries from plantation to production & trading.Family had its own olive oil mill in 1930, soap production started then in commercial level, products were marketed by personal name and we had our eldest trade mark "El-Nour" registered in 1950.

Our present facilities are located in our hometown Kfarakka / El-Koura. Our region El-koura is the most famous in lebanon of its quality olive oil. Our business activities include production and trading of all possible derivatives of olive such as:


Olive oil


Olive soaps


Olive fruit


Pomace Olive Oil


Charcoal (olive nut)

A new production line for liquid and powder household detergents was added in 2011, products are marketed under our trade marks "SAHAR " & "EL-Nour".

Our present industrial facilities spread out over two separate lots of over 6 acres of land. Our soap production facilities include a complete building block of 3 stories with open yard all around the building for raw material storage. Our olive oil mill and facilities still located in its original lot in our town center.